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    Top 5 Ashawo Joints In Enugu To Get Clean Girls

    ashawo joints in enugu

    The long awaited post is here. The best Ashawo Joints In Enugu State. To our subscribers from Enugu State and those visiting Enugu State this post is for you. In this post, we are going to listing the Best Top 5 Ashawo Joints in Enugu To Pick Hot and Clean Girls for a night or Weekend groove.

    However, before getting started, its best you know the type of girls you are expect to meet. How Enugu Ashawo behave and class level. Ashawa girls in Enugu are clean and they do not take shits. They always behave maturely and codded. You need to look well to select the perfect ones.  Most of Enugu Runz girls are from IMT and ESUTH. They are always looking clean and stays at the back, they do not rush for customers like the other oloshos. We can also provide you with some Enugu Runz girls phone numbers. Send us an email if you need one, its costs a little fee anyways.

    Are you looking for a clean hot and sexy Ashawo in Enugu State to bang? In Enugu Ashawo joints, you can get sweet under 20years (18-20) old girl self. Most of the Ashawo Joints in Enugu are located close to popular clubs in the state.

    To get Runz girls in Enugu, you will have to go there with your money. Ashawos are money for hand, back for ground. At Ashawo joints in Enugu, you will find sweet girls and sugar mamas you can pickup fresh babes. See below the top runz girls joint in enugu below;

    Ashawo Joints In Enugu

    1. Rangers Avenue – Front of Fidelity Bank

    2. M 21 Nite Club
    Ogui Road, Ogui, Enugu North, Enugu, Nigeria

    3. Villa Toscan Hotel

    New Heaven, Enugu State 

    4. Agbani Road

    Beside Roban Stores.

    5. Otigba Junction

    6. 9nt Miles Corner  

    If you want to get Phone number of Runz girls in Enugu, then

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    Sugar Mummy Connection in Abuja Nigeria for Instant Hook Up

    There is a Sugar Mummy Connection available in Abuja Nigeria right now. You are to keep reading to get the full details.

    Remember that there are requirements to gain the interest and heart of these wonderful rich buddies in Abuja.

    We are going to talk on that later. Let’s first update you on what you ought to know about Sugar Mummy connection in Abuja.

    Be informed that only young men above the age of 18 will be accepted. You must be a cool guy, handsome and ready to handle your Sugar Mummy well.

    Keeping a secret is another important aspect that cannot be left untouched. You must agree to keep everything discussed with your sugar mummy to yourself.

    See Also: Sugar Mummy Dating Site in USA – Join and Hook Up Quickly

    A bridge to the terms stated herein might lead to legal action by your sweet pretty sugar mamas.

    In the nutshell, we want to advise you to play safe and never hurt the feelings of your partner.

    Requirements to Get hooked up with sugar mummy in Abuja

    We almost said everything you need to get hooked up.

    Some resident sugar mummy in Abuja and others that just entered the city want urgent strong men that can handle them.

    Money is not a problem here. They are willing to spend on you but you must give them what they want if you want it to work that way.

    It’s garbage in garbage out process. The more you give is the more you will receive.

    Sugar Mummy Connection in Abuja – Get Connected Now

    Below is the list of sugar mamas in Abuja right now. They are readily available to hook up with you no matter your location.

    If you discuss well with her, they can always arrange your meet up and pay for your accommodation anything she wants you to visit.

    Connect with Sugar Mummy Shantel

    Shantel is a good looking and nice lady in the city of Abuja. She is looking for a young guy that can handle her on the bed. She is willing to pay the person handsomely if the person is really good.

    To apply for this position, you must have to read the requirements above first.

    Once you are ready, click here to apply

    Damilola Needs your connection Right Now

    Her name is damilola, a nice woman too. She asked the admin to hook her up with a gentleman as her sugar boy.

    She made us understand that money is not the problem with her. She can pay you handsomely if you can meet all her requirements.

    She is willing to hook up immediately. If you are ready to connect with her, click here.

    Many more list of Sugar Mummy Connection in Abuja is in the Next page.

    Click here for Next Page

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    Five Hot Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Groups – Join To Connect Now

    Have you been looking for the easiest way to hook up with a rich sugar mummy for free? Here the best way. There is a secrete WhatsApp group for sugar mummies.

    After so many research we have come up with the Top Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Groups around the world to connect with Rich sugar mummy now. These sugar mummy WhatsApp groups are fully loaded with rich sugar mummies around the world.

    The WhatsApp groups are fully loaded with hot and sexy sugar mummy mainly from USA, Australia and Germany. This is your opportunity to connect with these ladies.

    This is usually a paid group but we have done all the work for our site users. All you need to do is follow our instructions so that you can be added to the group.


    These are secret WhatsApps and new sugar mummies are joining on a daily bases. They are ready to arrange your arrange your visit to their country all expenses paid once you are picked.

    What You Must Know Before Joining the Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Groups

    • You must be 18+ Years and above. The group is for matured men and not for kids.
    • Must be Handsome and smart
    • You must know Your sweet talks
    • All charts are in English
    • You must Respect yourself and on no condition should you insult and of the sugar mummies in the WhatsApp group
    • Sugar Mummy Phone numbers found in the whatsapp group should not be shared without seeking the consent of the sugar mummy
    • You do not have permission to add any other member without the approval of the group admin, any defaulter will be permanently removed from the group
    • You must not use a fake profile picture or send a fake picture of you in the group when requested for by any sugar mummy


    So for all of you who are sending us emails requesting for sugar mummy whatsapp groups to join here is it. If you have read the above instructions and promise to abide by the rules stated above, then comment your whatsapp number in an international format below.

    Or Click Here To Join Our Screening Group

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    Top 10 Sugar Mummy in South Africa To Hookup With Now

    We are here once more to connect you with hot sugar mummy in South Africa. You can now hook up with sugar mummy in South Africa with their phone numbers here on this site. Sugar mummy in South Africa is very great to connect with and ready to spend that hard currency on you.

    Ten very Hot and Sexy Sugar Mummy in South Africa contacted us and they need a cool, good in bed and hot guys to connect. Don’t miss this opportunity to Hook up with This New Blesser from South Africa.

    Here we will connect you with hot Blesser in top cities of South Africa.

      1. Rethabile 

    This Sexy Blesser is in Cape Town one of the most beautiful cities in the world. She is hot and very rich. She is looking for a handsome man and very attractive. The man must be ready to spend time with her any time she needs him. If you are ready to connect with her simple comment your phone number in the comment box, share this post on facebook and WhatsApp, then send your details and photo to sugarmummy@ashawojoints.com.


    2. Minenhle

    Minenhle is a rich sugar mummy and leaves alone in Polokwane. We are ready to connect you with her. She needs a Tall and handsome black guy to hook up with now. We will connect you with this blesser WhatsApp number. All you need to do is share this post in all WhatsApp groups and Facebook, comment your phone number and send us your picture via our email.

    3. Bokamoso

    Bokamoso is a banker in South Africa. She is very rich, slim and sexy sugar mummy. This blesser sugar mummy in Johannesburg needs a handsome guy with average hight to hook up with right now. If you have those qualities, then we are here to connect you both now. You have to play your part well and prove to her that you are the sugar boy for here. She is ready to spend on you right now. All you need to do is share this post in all WhatsApp groups and Facebook, comment your phone number and send us your picture via our email. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get notified once picked.

    If you play your part well, you will be lucky to become a South African citizen because if you marry them, it will be automatic citizenship. They will send you an invitation letter to meet them in the South Africa no matter the country you live in.



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    Sugar Mummy Contacts, Phone Numbers, and Emails – View Full Profile Here

    Sugar Mummy Contacts

    Sugar Mummy Contacts – We have loads of sugar mummy contacts in stock for you. We are showing you how to get them free.

    If you are a regular visitor of this site, you should have gotten a nice, rich and good looking sugar mummy for yourself.

    In case you are a new user, kindly bookmark this page and do come back daily for other interesting updates on blessers.

    See Also: Sugar Mummy Dating Site in USA – Join and Hook Up Quickly

    Let me now show you how we can help you with real sugar mummy contacts. If you need their emails, phone numbers, facebook profile or WhatsApp contacts, we get them in full.

    Since we are providing you with their contacts, it will be a full contact of them. Just tell us what you want and we will deliver it to you.

    How to get Sugar Mummy Contacts?

    There are many ways to get real contacts of all the sugar mummies in our database.

    Getting sugar mummy contacts from our site is absolutely free. There are no agents involved, you will be happy to keep everything you get from your woman to yourself.

    If in the long run, you want to show appreciation, you can always donate to us by contacting us.

    If you are in our WhatsApp group, you will be able to get contact phone number and WhatsApp contact of a rich sugar mummy.

    You can still apply for an exclusive contact from us and get it delivered to your email.

    How to Apply for Sugar Mummy Contact

    Use the form below to submit your application for a sugar mummy contacts. Make you put your name, email and reason for getting a sugar mummy.

    See Also: How to Meet Sugar Mummy for free Without Agent

    We just added some measures to make sure you do not misuse the opportunity been given to you.

    Confirm that you will use the contacts responsibly.

    Once we deliver the sugar Mummy contacts to your email, contact them nicely.

    Click the links below to read more.

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    How to Meet Sugar Mummy for free Without Agent

    Meet Sugar Mummy for Free

    Meet Sugar Mummy for Free – I understand that many people are looking for free sugar mummy hook up. Sometimes, you go through an agent that charges you some percentage.

    We are here to help you. We are going to show you how to Meet Sugar Mummy for free, you are not going to pay a dime for it.

    Earlier before now, I showed you how to join rich sugar mummy WhatsApp group. So many joined and made good connections and lot are yet to join.

    Now, there are other ways to meet sugar mummy free in any part of the world. Whether you live in USA, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria or any part of the world, you can use this method to make free connections.

    Meet Sugar Mummy Free in any Part of the World

    There are different methods of getting free contact. We are going to walk you through and show you the best way out.

    If you want us to give you a direct contact, go to our request page and place your request. Any country you want, choose it from the page.

    What other ways can you meet free sugar mummy?

    There is a dedicated Facebook page where you can access rich sugar mummies all over the world. It’s free to join and hook up.

    Kindly click the facebook page link above, join the group and start chatting with rich women who are willing to change your life.

    Also, you can join free sugar mummy dating sites where you can meet thousands of rich sugar mummies all over the world.

    I already made a guide on dating sites. You can learn more here: Sugar Mummy Dating Site

    Finally, joining our sugar mummy WhatsApp group will give you access to unlimited rich ladies.

    It’s up to you to choose. Use any of the methods above to meet sugar mummy for free.

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    Sugar Mummy Dating Site in USA – Join and Hook Up Quickly

    Sugar mummy dating site in USA to join quickly for free – If you are looking for a sugar mummy in usa, then joining their dating site is the best way to find one.

    We are here to show you the road. Using our guide, you can join the best sugar mummy dating site in USA where you will be opportune to meet rich women that are ready to spend on you.

    You can get them for free without an agent or third party that will request that you pay them some percentage.

    We are here to connect you free to your soul mate free. We do not charge anything for providing connection to you.

    If you play your part well, you will be lucky to become USA citizen because if you marry them, it will be automatic citizenship. They will send you an invitation letter to meet them in the usa no matter the country you live in.

    Read the story of Ramada whose life was transformed with a sugar mummy he met online. Read here

    Sugar mummies in usa are very rich. They don’t need much from you, only to chat with them when they are bored and if they want you to come over, they can prepare your VISA.

    There have been many successful stories told and many yet untold about how meeting a sugar mummy online transformed lives.

    Join Now: Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Group Chat

    Your case is not going to be different you know, simply go through the sites listed here and login to begin.

    Sugar Mummy Dating Site in USA 2018

    Metme: This is a free sugar mummy dating site. You are not required to pay to join; you can join and hook up instantly without an agent.

    You need a working email address and phone number to open the account.

    To get started, you will have to install metme from your google play store or app store for IOS users.

    Once done, register and start dating.

    There arean unending list of free Sugar mummy dating site USA. Continue to the next page to view more lists.

    Sugar Mummy Dating Site in USA page 2

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    Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Group Chat, Number and Link – Get In here

    Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Group chat

    Are you looking to join Sugar Mummy WhatsApp group chat in your country, city or place nearest to you?

    If yes, then your quest for a WhatsApp group of sugar mummies has been gotten an answer today.

    We have links for sugar mummy WhatsApp group chats in popular cities of the world. You will be privileged to join them and get hooked up instantly.

    From the onset of time, we have been getting emails, phone text and chats requesting us to drop sugar mummy WhatsApp group chat and numbers.

    Ok now, we have made it easier for those looking for phone numbers and group links. Once you follow the link we are going to specify here, you will be able to see their entire phone numbers, chat with them in the group and hook up.

    As we all know, there is a limited number of people WhatsApp group can carry, if you are not fast enough, the group might get filled up and you will not be able to join again.

    See Also: How to Meet Sugar Mummy for free

    It will be to your best interest to take action now and join the best Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Group in Nigeria, USA, Ghana, Kenya, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Malaysia and all other major countries in the world.

    We are going to have two links here; one will be for African countries while the other will be for European countries.

    If you are in Africa, join that of Africans and locate your country therein.

    You can also join that of other countries if you agree to chat responsibly.

    Requirements to Join Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Group

    Before you will be eligible to join the group, you must agree to the following terms and conditions (Rules) bidding the group chat.

    Firstly, you must consent to be 18 years and above before gaining access to the group.

    Secondly, you will agree not to use abusive words, deceitful words and not to be religious biased.

    Finally, agree to chat maturely and responsibly.

    Once you agree to this terms, then you are free to join the WhatsApp group.

    How to Join Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Group?

    You are welcome to Sugar Mummy Whatsapp group 2018 for all countries.

    To join, you must confirm to agree with the terms and conditions.

    Click here to confirm.

    Click here to Join Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Group (Africans)

    Click Here to Join Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Group (Europeans)

    Chats Responsibly.

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    We are officially Starting Sugar Mummy Hook – Get in today and Enjoy

    Dear reader, we believe that you enjoy getting the latest update on ashawo here on our website.

    We are now launching sugar mummy hook up. If you want the latest sugar mummy or daddy in town, then bookmark this website and visit it daily for latest hook up update.

    Note: we do not charge for sugar mummy hook up. Our idea is to bring them closer to you.

    Warning! You are responsible for what you do with the connection you get from this website. Ashawojoints.com will not be liable for any anything done outside of this site.

    If you are looking for an ashawo joint in any city in Nigeria, visit Ashawo Joints and pick up any clean girl of your choice.

    We do provide premium service in case you are in need of hook up sharp. In that case, you will have to contact us for negotiation and delivery.

    Here is the list of Sugar Mummy Hook Up Services Available

    The list will be populated with time. Simply click on the city you want to get your sugar mummy from and check out available sugar mummies.

    Should you have any inquiry about this update, feel free to drop a comment using the comment box below.

    We are always ready to attend to your questions. We also have a live chat service that will allow you to communicate with us.

    Choose the medium you that best suit you to contact us and we will be ready to help.

    Remember to check this website daily for sugar mummy updates.

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    Top 5 Popular Ashawo Joints in Port Harcourt To Pick Hot Girls

    ashawo joints in port harcourt

    Port Harcourt is the Capital of Rivers State in Nigeria. It is known as the “Treasure Base of The Nation”. Port Harcourt is ranked number 3 after Lagos and Abuja as the most popular state to find clean oloshos in Nigeria.

    Did you just arrive in PH and need clean and top class ashawo’s to spend the night with? then this post is well researched for you. Ashawo in Port Harcourt is said to be more expensive than the Ashawo in Lagos. This is because of the high cost of living in the state and the class of olosho in the state.

    In this post, we will list the Five(5) most popular Ashawo joints in Port Harcourt to hook up with high-class girls.

    Top 5 Popular Ashawo Joints in Port Harcourt

    GRA Port Harcourt: GRA is one of the most happening places in Port Harcourt. Ashawo in GRA Port Harcourt is of high class. 90% of the hotels in GRA are filled and occupied with Runs girls. You can pick Runs girls or Ashawo of all kinds, class and shape in GRA. Cheap and very expensive are there for you. The choice is yours.

    1. Orazi/Eligbam: This ashawo joint is ranked number one in Port Harcourt. This is the best place to get any class of ashawo that you want. Almost all the high class runs girls and ashawo’s reside in Orazi/Eligbam area. This ashawo joint is made of professional runs girls which are already made, some of them have a very big boutique, so you should measure the size of your pocket before going as they are not cheap. But I must tell you, you will love them.

    2. Rumuomasi: This is also one of the popular ashawo joints in Port Harcourt. It is well known by almost every cabman in the city. Just tell them Ashawo join in Rumuomasi and they will take you there. Oloshos in this area are known to be greedy and would even be giving you signal even when with other customers.

    3. GRA: I can’t complete this post without including GRA. It is ranked the most popular Runs girls Joint in Port Harcourt. There are many clubs in GRA and all of these clubs are filled with runs girls/ashawo. You can pick Runs girls or ashawo of all kinds, class and shape in GRA. Cheap and very expensive girls are there for you. The choice is yours.

    4. Bristol Hotel: This hotel is located along D/line. This is another ashawo joints that are made of local girls. They always claim to be students but when you look into their eyes you will see what they really want. They are hot and ready to go down immediately for a quicky in the hotel.

    5. Stadium Road Elekahia: This ashawo joint is similar to Rumuomasi and also close, with ocabique planet and rest located around this area makes this area Number 5 on our ashowo joints in Port Harcourt list. Runs girls live in this area and they also have a lot of dope event centers in this area making it a hot cake for dope Runs girls.


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    Top 5 Popular Ashawo Joints in Yaba for Fresh Olosho Pick UP

    Lagosians already know that Yaba is a city located on Lagos Mainland, Lagos in Lagos State. Lagos has Mainland and Island, Yaba is in Mainland and we are going to list all the Ashawo joints there based on our readers’ request.

    There are many other popular cities in Lagos and as such we have the list of Ashawo joints in most of the cities. You can check out all the Ashwo joints in Lagos and select the city which you are in.

    Are you in Lagos looking to hook up or you plan to visit and need somebody to keep you busy? This is the best place to find the most beautiful and swaged Olosho’s in Lagos.

    What we do.

    We will only provide you with the location and equally give you the direction if the need be. We also help send them to your address if you don’t like driving down to their joint to get what you want. All this are free, we don’t charge anything for that.

    Note: This website is rated 16. It is not for children younger than the age of 16, you are responsible for what you see on your way to pick up Ashawo. We can only give you information of where to locate them and help hook you up if you want.

     Top 5 List of Popular Ashawo Joints in Yaba

    Empire: a city Mushin and Jibowu

    Roadrunners Nite Club: Ibikunle Street, Yaba, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria

    Eclipse Lounge: 32/34 Finbars Road, Opp Zenith Bank Akoka, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria

    Club Haze – H.O.H: 25, Ibikunle street, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria

    Meeting Point Night Club: 339, Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo Yaba, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria

    Above are the lists of popular Prostitute center in Lagos. You can visit them and make your selection.

    If you want to get their phone numbers, simply enter your email address in the email form below and we shall send their phone numbers to your email.

    Use the button below to share with your friends, who knows they might be looking for the same thing as you.

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    I Love It Hot No

    List of Ashawo Joints in Ikorodu Lagos State

    ashawo joints in ikorodu

    We have been receiving many emails and requests from our subscribers both home and away. Most of them are requesting for Popular Ashawo joints in Ikorodu Lagos State to get clean oloshos.

    So, in this post, we have decided to list the best and popular Ashawo joints in Ikorodu.

    These Ashawo joints are one of the best in Lagos to pick hottest Ashawo girls at night.

    You can also check our other ashawo joints in Lagos Here

    Ikorodu Lagos is one of the popular and happening places in Lagos state Nigeria. You can get whatever type of girl you need. Whether you love it slime or fat. Short or Tall, the Ashawo joints in Ikorodu is the best place for best picks.

    If you are in Lagos State and planning to visit Ikorodu or You just landed in Ikorodu, then, hot Olosho’s are there to give you the best treats at affordable prices. There are also high-class Ashawo joints in Ikorodu where Top politicians go to pick classic girls. Some of these areas and not made public. This is because the politicians pay them heavily to reserve their body for them. You have nothing to worry about.

    In this post, we are going to List them for you so sit back and enjoy.


    1. Haven Lounge, Ikorodu opposite Mallo Filling Station, Ikorodu – Shagamu Rd, Ikorodu, Nigeria, Ikorodu – Shagamu Rd

    2. 66 Kokoro Abu Street opposite PIzzle’s Bar & Restaurant Ikorodu, Lagos

    The above lists are the best ashawo joints in Ikorodu Lagos State to pick hot Olosho.

    Note that they are top class girls unlike other Ashawo girls, they may not appear as one but by their body language and signs, you will understand they need you. What you need is just give them sign.

    There are high political class Ashawo around Ikorodu. We can help you with their phone numbers but its confidential.

    To get their phone numbers, simply enter your email address in the email form below and we shall send their phone numbers to your email.

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    ashawo phone numbers in lagos.

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